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AHST 4342-501
History of Media and New Media Art
Fall 2016

Dr. Charissa N. Terranova

Wednesday 7-9:45 
Class Location: AH2, 1.204
Office Location: ATC 2.800

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Mid-Term Test Review

Final Test Review

Class Presentations

1.) 08/24/16 Introduction

2.) 08/31/16 Painting, the Daguerreotype, and Telegraph in the work of Samuel FB Morse/
Photograph: The Construction of Vision

3.) 09/07/16 Chronophotography: Capturing Time and Movement in Image/Train: Movement, Image and Architecture

4.) 09/14/16 Elevator: Architecture and Sky in Paris and Chicago/Film: The Influences of Cinema on Modern Painting

5.) 09/21/16 Film: Dziga Vertov, Sergei Eisenstein and Montage

6.) 09/28/16 In-Class Screening of Dziga Vertov's Man with a Movie Camera

7.) 10/05/16 Mid-Term Test

8.) 10/12/16 Telephone: From Edison to the Cell Phone, Art and the Tele-Connection/Kinetic Art: Motion, Duration, Illumination

9.) 10/19/16 and 10/26/16 The Digital Image: Coded Form and Electronic Production/TV – Charged Environments

10.) 11/02/16 Automotive Prosthetic: Frank Lloyd Wright and Norman Bel Geddes’ Highway Futurism

10_1.) 11/02/16 Automotive Prosthetic: Rethinking Conceptual Art via Technology

11.) 11/09/16 Networks, Surveillance, Culture Jamming

12.) 11/16/16 Bodies, Surrogates, Emergent Systems

13.) 11/30/16 Simulations and Simulacra

14.) 12/07/16 Bioart and Biology in Art: A Study in Elective Affinities

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